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Monday, 28 May 2007

Deputy Leadership Turning Nasty?

OK some people had a whinge about me being nasty about Hilary Benn earlier, having watched yesterdays hustings however im content to let him produce all his own bad publicity in the future.

It seems a "senior labour source" is behind the latest story about John Cruddas, someone in the Cruddas camp alleged to me this was Hazel Blears' work and was quick to point out that a source in the Blears camp claims she knew all along about her dodgy tshirt supplier.

No names involved of course, plenty of whispers though. Shame we can't just get on with the task at hand and winning a fourth term. If anyone of these people are prepared to run such desperate campaigns, why did they only stand for the number 2 job?


Chris Paul said...

"Shame we can't just get on with the task at hand and winning a fourth term."

Good idea bobbylad, so why are we posting this stuff anyway? The Cruddas story is public domain, the HB rumour is ... only a rumour.

Benn is now the bookies favourite btw.

Bobbylad said...

If Benn performs as badly on Newsnight tonight as he did in Sheffield he is in trouble.